When this is all over

We will truly respect the idea of personal space, but relish the joy of human touch.

We will realise that distance really doesn’t need to keep people and relationships apart.

We will TALK. On the phone, on a screen and yes, in person. We will remember just how important it is to connect with loved ones, no matter where they are.

We will have great personal hygiene routines (!) but also appreciate having access to running, clean water.

We will enjoy our outdoor spaces and the sense of freedom they bring.

We will truly appreciate and value time with our loved ones.

We will value and respect the teachers, healthcare workers, cleaners, bin men (and women), shop workers and everyone once deemed by this society as low skilled.

And we will remember. We will remember the lives cut short, the families left heartbroken.

We will remember the business owners whose dreams have been shattered.

We will remember the missed exams for thousands of teenagers.

We will remember this most bizarre and unsettling of times and how we as a once divided nation came together to help stop the spread of more devastation.

We will remember the time when we all we needed to do was stay at home.


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