A birthday in lockdown for my little man

Boy2 is 5! I’ve always felt this is quite a big age for kids. His first chance to celebrate with the school friends he met in September and will know for the next 7 years. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Blame Coronavirus. He’s at home, still stuck with our faces for yet another day. We’ve had to explain that he can’t have a party and he can’t go to mini golf as previously planned. He can’t have friends round to play. He can’t even have a visit from his cousins who live 5 minutes away.

Its tough. And, as he previously declared, it’s rubbish.

But this is a birthday we will never forget. The birthday we got to be creative. The birthday where people went out of their way to say happy birthday. The birthday he received collated video messages from friends and family. The birthday he had a 20min Zoom party with his class mates. The birthday where we recreated mini golf in the back garden (thanks Amazon!), played our own games and decorated the house with bunting and balloons. Its the birthday we spent as a family and celebrated him. Along with a slice of obligatory Paw Patrol cake.

And we enjoyed it. We thought about just how special, yet bizarre, this time is and the importance of it. We were quite thankful that we could celebrate it – knowing there are people out there who have lost close loved ones way before their time.

I’ve mentioned before how I don’t think kids always need huge birthday celebrations and this is still true.

It really is the birthday that will forever be etched in our memories.

Are you spending any birthdays in lockdown? How have you found a way to make it special?


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