All the leaves are brown…

Autumn is well and truly here!! Whilst many of us see this as a chance to stock up on hot chocolate and thermals, I’m using it to get outside. Sounds crazy right? 

Well, no. As I’m trying to gradually get fit and shift some baby weight, I decided to go for a long stroll with Boy 2 and we loved it!

Having lived ‘up north’ for the vast majority of my life, I’ve learned to live by the mantra “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”. So we wrapped up, pulled out the wellies and got to walking. 

This time of the year is brilliant for little ones. So many different colours on the trees for them to look at; the slight breeze running through their finger tips and the autumnal smells of pubs and restaurants cooking up hearty X food. It really is one big sensory experience. 

I’ll admit that we are lucky to have a canal and the Trans Penine walks on our doorstep, but a local park could give your little one just as much to look at. It’s all about seeing things differently. 

This has definitely given me a thirst for getting outside and walking more. I’d recommend getting some sturdy wellies that have a bit of grip, or some trainers that you’re happy to get muddy. I’m not one for marathon walks so don’t own proper walking boots. Who knows, this might change in the future 😁

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