5 Tips for moving house with a newborn 

So we’ve finally moved all of our stuff into the new Mumsomnia Towers. Still lots to be unpacked and organised before we are completely settled, but I thought I’d share what I’ve learned from our experience of moving house with a new baby….

1. Don’t do it! Ok I’m kind of kidding here, but in all seriousness think really carefully about if you need to move at this exact time of your life. Moving is a stressful experience at the best of times, so adding to it a dose of insomnia, regular feeding/nappy changing, plus the guilt of not taking to baby to rhyme time because of house stuff (or not doing house stuff because of rhyme time) just makes the whole experience ten times harder. If it isn’t your dream house or an absolute bargain, think carefully about delaying it. 

2. Have an early clear out. As soon as you’ve made the decision to move, start getting rid of stuff. Even if you haven’t found anywhere yet. You’ll thank yourself when you don’t find yourself unpacking boxes of complete tat at the other end. You’ll then find it so much easier to work out what you’ll need in the new home and how much space you have got it. 

3. Pay for packing. This is something I really wish I’d done. Once you’ve thrown everything away or donated to charity, at least get a quote from your removal company. So many of them swoop in, pack, load then yes, even unpack for you!! When you think about the total cost of moving, this service will probably be a small price to pay for a smooth move. We’ve been here over a week and I think I’ve had the same 3 tops on rotation, and I have no inclination to unpack my cases in between  school runs, clubs, playgroups and trying to remember where we put the mugs/spare toilet roll/ goldfish (don’t ask!)

4. Control the carbs. The staple diet for moving house seems to be toast, biscuits, sandwiches and pizza. I thought this was just us, but having surveyed the grand total of about 8 people, it seems everyone goes for easy food. Don’t get me wrong, part of the fun of moving is sitting on your new floor tucking into Dominos’s finest, washed down with cheap plonk from your new corner shop, but the masses of processed carbs makes you feel even more tired and sluggish. Remember, baby will still be up at 2am. If possible, prep or plan a few meals in advance or at least buy a bag of veg! 

5. Get help. If someone offers to help pack, you my permission to bite their arm off. If someone offers one hour of childcare, make them godparent! It once took me two hours to move books from a shelf to a box. No decision making required, just packing. But Boy 2 made it very clear he needed feeding, changing, entertaining, cuddling….. You get what I’m trying to say here. 

The most important thing to try during a house move is to just enjoy it. Even after the stress and fear that we may never finish unpacking, it’s great to know we are starting a whole new chapter with our boys. Who cares if I’ll still be wearing the same 3 tops in 6 months’ time 😉

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