This Mum Really Does Run!

So earlier this year, I decided I really wanted to improve my fitness and try something new. I’d started to fall out of love with the gym, which ultimately meant I was starting to fall out of my jeans.

After a couple of colleagues from work talked about doing Couch to 5k, I decided to give it a try (all part of this year’s mantra). And guess what, Ibe just completed it!!

Ok, so I didn’t quite hit 5k – the app trains you to run 30min non stop – but I know I can do it in around 35 minutes which is a massive improvement from 12 weeks ago.

I’ve never been a ‘runner’ and this hasn’t transformed me into a fanatic, but I certainly feel better after each run and half an hour isn’t very long. I find I can even get up slightly earlier to go for a morning run without feeling like I’ve had no sleep!!

So to anyone out there thinking of taking up running, I’d highly recommend it. The mornings and evenings are obviously much darker now (I started in the summer) so if you can find a running buddy, even better.

Believe me, you won’t look back. Good luck!!


You can download Couch to 5k on the App Store and Google Play Store

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