I turn my back for a few months…

I’ve been quiet, I know. Christmas and New Year came and went.

I planned to write about our lovely family getaway to Lincoln, but the hustle and bustle of normal life took over.

I planned to write about managing the growing independence of a pre-teen who’s now in high school, but the task of managing that independence occupied my time.

I planned to write about our award nomination for the Mane of Your Own podcast, but life got in the way and we didnt win.

I planned to write about how I was hoping this year would be the year when exciting things happened, but then something out of the ordinary happened. Yes, the C word.

I’m now sat here, week 4 (or 5??) into the UK’s national ‘lockdown’ in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Working from home, managing clients, school work, snack consumption and my own anxiety about what might happen.

Having just celebrated my lockdown birthday, I’ve realised the importance of living in the moment and being grateful for all the simple things that are often taken for granted. Health, home, happiness.

I’ve the importance of avoiding procrastination. Doing what you love and making time for it. I enjoy writing and sharing my stories and experiences (even if nobody listens!) but I’ve continued to let other things get in the way.

As I see relatively young, healthy people lose their lives to this horrible virus, I’m reminded that tomorrow is not promised. So many things are out of our control, but for the things that are within our gift, we should make the most of them.

Now, as I have more time to think, reflect, prioritise, I imagine I’ll be sharing much more and attempting to do those things I’d put off for some time, well at least the ones I can do from home.

Stay safe xx

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