REVIEW: Mythical Canvas shoes for kids

Boy 2 and I checked out these fab shoes from Mythical Canvas. Plain white canvas plimsolls with endless possibilities.

Each box comes with a pair of plain white shoes, a pack of fabric pens (we were kindly gifted two) and a pair of detachable straps. They also have some cute templates to add to your design.

Simple cut-out templates

Then you just let them go for it. I had a four year old to contend with, so tried to encourage him to think about what he’d put on, before launching into a colourful world of messy scribbles that can’t be undone.

We spent about 25min in total, chatting about design ideas, colours and characters. He has one hell of an imagination so I had to manage expectations of what could actually fit on a small shoe!

He eventually decided on rainbows, a colourful lion, dragon, star, sunshine and a Mario Kart race with his own face (don’t ask), to name a few. The shoes may not match, but they certainly make a great pair.

Putting the template to use as “Mario Kart track”

The pens apply easily and don’t take long to dry, although I’d always recommend letting darker colours dry before putting lighter ones next to them. My son totally ignored this, so we had a few smudges in places, but he didn’t mind. He now has totally unique pair of decent shoes made by him, for him.

I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of craft activities because they are often messy, long, end up leaving my house in bigger mess than its already in and with an unidentifiable item I need to find a place to put on show.Β  So these were a great way to put his creativity to good use and be able to show them off!

One proud, happy boy

I’ve also been convinced that the strapline #nomistakesinart is very true. I let go of the control freak in me and just enjoyed creating something different with him and it really did boost his confidence.

These were a real breath of fresh air. Fun, simple and actually leave you with something they can USE πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ™ŒπŸΏ.

The final product 😊

What’s also great is that they aren’t targetted at a specific gender. The plain white box and simple logo really highlights the fact that you are starting with a blank canvas (see what I did there?!) I’d gladly give them to any of my niece’s and nephews. I’m sure even an older, inspiring designer pre-teen would quite like them.

With prices starting at Β£29.99 they aren’t the cheapest products around. But for a unique pair of shoes that your child will love and be proud of, that’s not too bad. And it would be a good activity for that Christmas – New Year gap. Go check them out! You can read more about Mythical Canvas here. Happy creating!


We were gifted a pair of size 11 shoes from Mythical Canvas, with two packs of pens and a pair of straps.

Postage in time for Christmas is available until 22nd December.