A new era…

We survive week one! Well, week one-ish. Boy 1 started high school 😭😭😭 and Boy 2 hopped, skipped and jumped into Reception. I say week one-ish because his school is doing a week of half days first – I never understand why they have to drag these things out!

So I’ve finally, after 11 years of motherhood, got both children in school. Yay me!

But the 7 year gap between my boys means this really is a new era for all of us. New found independence, new routines, new experiences, new teachers, new childcare, pretty much everything is new. We are starting from scratch.

You see, Boy2 is now attending a different primary school to Boy 1’s so I’m basically a new mum all over again. Go figure.

Its strange. I thought I’d feel confident having already completed the primary school phase once already, but as I stepped into the playground with his hand in mine, I felt more nervous than him.

No big hugs in the playground. No familiar faces to ask about their summer. No new haircuts to comment on. Nothing. Just those knowing glances and polite smiles as we all tried to hold back the tears as we realised our babies were no longer babies.

What will the kids be like? What will the parents be like? How does the PTA work? Will I have time to get to know any of them. Will I WANT to know any of them (don’t judge me, we’ve all been there!)

Its not until your child is actually in school that you realise just how much of an education it is for you as a parent too. Schools can be a great place to build new friendships and learn new things.

From Boy 1’s school I’ve made new friends who are more than just ‘school mums’. They’ve taught me new crafty skills (thanks PTA!)
They became coffee/ drinking/lunch pals. They became emergency guilt-free childcare. They became very reliable reminder services*. They were a lesson in the importance and value of community.

So, whilst I might be slightly nervous, I’m optimistic about the opportunities this new phase presents.

Wish us all luck. And to anyone embarking on the primary school journey for the first time, embrace it. Talk to people, ask questions and enjoy it!


*PS – schools send out a LOT of communication. If you can afford it, I’d highly recommend hiring a PA just to keep track. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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