No childcare nightmare here

I’ve read so many Facebook posts, tweets and articles about the nightmare of childcare over the summer holidays. 6 weeks of bliss for kids, equating to 6 weeks of logistical stress for parents.

Boy 1 has nearly finished his primary education and I’ve never had this stress. Then I realised. It’s not because I’m able to ditch work for the summer (I can but dream).

It’s not because I’ve got grandparents on a summer hotline ready to take the kids for the entire break. That said, my mum does pitch in when needed.

It’s not because I have shed loads of money to spend on holiday camps + wrap around care (because they all seem to do school hours!).

It’s not even down to my amazing organisation skills.

It’s actually because I have the best childminder in the world. FACT. Ok, you’ll probably tell me you know of someone better, but I doubt it.

For the past 7 years we’ve been lucky enough to have a childminder who works through school holidays, who doesn’t treat us like terrible parents for working through some of these holidays. She’s always open minded when I arrive for pick up in a flap because of a broken down tram/football traffic/delayed meeting etc etc. And most importantly, she loves my kids!

She’s been with Boy1 since his second day of school and has looked after Boy2 since he was 10 months. She’s helped with weaning, walking, potty training, reading, scooting. She’s collected poorly boys from school early and picked up sporty boys late so they can do an activity. She’s managed to eradicated a fear of dogs and convince a stubborn toddler that brushing his teeth isn’t the devil’s work. She is, without doubt, an angel.

Holidays come and she puts me to shame. Parks, zoos, museums and day trips to places I’ve never heard of or would never have the energy to take them to!

She’s been a huge contributor to hem having a happy and rounded childhood.

In short she has been a life saver. The reason why I hardly worry when my kids are off school. The reason why I’m able to actually focus when I’m at work. The reason why my kids don’t feel at a loss when I drop them and say goodbye for the day.

I can’t find enough words to say how grateful I am to her for the past seven years.

People like K are essential. Every childcare provider should be like her. My boys will miss her but so will I, maybe even moreso.

As enter is new chapter in Mumsomnia life, this is my public declaration of thanks and appreciation for each and every day. I’ll never find another childminder like her.


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