Review: Cantu Kids hair range

So, Boy1 has decided to bring back his fro. He shaved it all off when he turned ten last year, to mark the start of a new decade (and having a hot head in the summer!), but it’s return has made me happy 😊😊

This time around though I’m encouraging him to take more responsibility for his hair care regimen, which he seemed slightly dubious about.


He usually borrows my products (I tend to go for sulphate-free stuff anyway, which is fine for kids) but was very excited when we got to try some of the new kids range by Cantu. Partly, because it was free (obvs), but also because he felt included. The natural hair conversation is often so female focused, so it was great for him to feel like he was part of it.

Now, personally I’ve started using Cantu in the last six months and have become a big fan, so had high hopes for the kids’ products.

The range looks nice on the bathroom shelf, which is always a good start, and is a pale adaptation of the main Cantu branding i.e the bright orangey-yellow. I also like the fact that they haven’t made it too childish or ‘girly’ looking. For a boy who’s nearly in high school this is an important factor. He can gladly pack it in his swimming bag etc without fear of questioning from others (which can easily happen just at the sight of an afro comb!)

Curling Cream

First up was the Kids Curling Cream which, according to the description, defines and  tames fussy frizz. Smelling lovely and really easy to apply, it isn’t too heavy like a number of other hair creams.

Now my son does have very kinky afro hair, so whilst it hasn’t completely smoothed out his curls, we’ve certainly noticed a difference. His seems more moisturised and the fro looks healthier and neater.

We’ve got into the habit of using it post-shower or before bed (when he remembers).


The Conditioning Detangler Spray was a MIRACLE WORKER. This may sound like an exaggeration but even Boy2 likes it! Yes, the child who has to be wrestled to the ground and held in a near headlock before anything touches his hair, actually ASKS to use this spray. Every day!

Detangling spray

Again, it smells yummy, applies easily and isn’t too greasy. We tend to use it daily as it isn’t heavy and makes the morning hair routine so much faster and tear-free. As a child who refuses to have his hair cut, it certainly helps to have something which makes it easier to brush or comb each day.

After falling in love with the cream and spray, we’ve actually since picked up the shampoo too. I’m often a bit nervous about shampoos as some are so strong and heavily scented, but this one seems great. It cleans without stripping away natural oils and isn’t overwhelmingly scented.

What’s great about Cantu products is that their price point is very reasonable. Gone are the days of forking out a small fortune for an imported afro-friendly product that you keep in a special cabinet away from heavy handed kids. Each of the products we used costs around a fiver, certainly not breaking the bank for quality afro hair products.

The range also includes a styling custard and nourishing conditioner and is currently available at Boots and Superdrug stores around the UK. To any parents of afro-haired kids, I’d definitely recommend giving these products a try.

Anything for happy hair!!


The products were gifted to me by Cantu UK in partnership with Boots UK, not paid for. My review is independent and mostly based on the opinions of my children. 

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