Aaaand relax…

I’m back. I’ve been quiet (again). It’s been a busy few weeks, with summer holiday madness, helping Boy1 prep for his 11+ for the local grammar school, hubster travelling for work, then getting back to ‘normal’ of extra curricular activities, school admin, and enjoying my last few Fridays before Boy2 starts preschool .

Yep, it’s been busy. So busy that I feel like the past few months have just passed me by.

Isn’t it weird how time really does fly? With every ‘completed’ stage of parenting, comes another task to get your head around. I wish you got a badge every time you finished a stage.

  • First nappy change ✅
  • Weaning? ✅
  • Potty training? ✅
  • Balancing a baby and hot drink without injuring anyone? ✅
  • Entrance exams? ✅

I’d have a wall full of awards by now, something to remind me of how far we’ve come in this parenting game.

Its daunting. Just as you get your head around one phase, BOOM, in comes another from out of the blue and you’re back to feeling confused, unprepared and inadequate again.

But here we are. Nothing I can do about it so I’m (trying to) embrace it. Managing a child who’s coming to the end of primary school and another who’s just getting to pre-school – yep that good old age gap!

Repeating some experiences but embracing new ones. Whilst I stress about it the increasing life admin and life changes, the hubster is ridiculously cool about. But that balance helps to keep us all fairly relaxed.

I guess the point of this post is just a reminder that, yes, life is stressful. Parenting is stressful, but we can’t stop kids from growing up and new challenges appearing, so we have to try not to stress. Think of your imaginary wall of achievement. You’ve made it this far, so you’ll make through the next stage and the next and any more that come after that.

Just relax!


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