Kids and gigs

Last year I agonised over taking Boy1 to a concert. I thought about Little Mix, Bruno Mars and various other acts. I wasn’t sure if he could handle the noise, or crowds. I also wondered if their live acts would be ‘family’ friendly.

So their events came and went. I saw reviews on news sites and social media, and felt disappointed for not going along.

Then as if by magic, last October Bruno Mars was confirmed as a headline act for BST Hyde Park. So a friend of mine, whose son is a similar age, suggested we all go together.

We did not regret it!

Ok, it wasn’t a cheap day out but I justified it as gift for him turning the big 10. I worried about them getting bored, tired, rained on, offended by drunks, lost in a crowd… Pretty much every possible negative scenario possible.

I was wrong. So wrong. In fact doing an outdoor concert ended being the best decision. Why?

  • Freedom – freedom to wander around, find a good spot rather than being restricted to a seat that’s way up with the gods, ready to induce a nosebleed
  • Flexibility – kids get bored. Easily. So whilst they were very excited about Bruno, they weren’t exactly loving the other acts performing beforehand. But because of the nature of the event, we could walk away to find something else to do e.g. Fairground rides, sweet treats etc until the main man came on
  • Food – yes it was still extortionately priced, but much more variety than in an arena where you’re pretty much restricted to hot dogs, nachos or chips. There was so much choice! Burgers, wraps, kebabs, churros. I actually can’t remember now, but I do remember the boys taking an eternity to decide
  • Atmosphere – nothing quite beats Hyde Park on a hot summer’s evening, favourite music playing and a Pimms in hand (for the adults obvs)
  • Bonding – as kids get older, it can become difficult to find an activity that you can both enjoy. Soft play areas and swings don’t quite cut it these days, and I’m not the biggest fan of Lego Batman on the PS4, so this was a perfect way for us to have some quality time and both really enjoy ourselves

All in all, the boys loved and so did we. It was a totally new experience for them and it was great to be there with them to see something new. I think we certainly earned some ‘mum points’ for it. So to anyone considering taking their pre-teens to a gig, do it. Just do it. They’ll love it. Whether its for a Christmas or birthday gift, or you’re just that generous, its a great idea. You won’t regret it.

Now I need recommendations for our next gig. I think he’s hooked!


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