High school decisions are tough!

So, it’s nearly the end of another academic year. Boy 1 will be going to year 6, while Boy 2 will officially be a pre-schooler.

This means in September we’ll making big decisions about high school applications and to be totally honest I’m sooo scared! It’s such a big decision. Boy1 is studying for his 11+ and thankfully, we are surrounded by some decent high schools, so it’s not terrible. In fact it’s probably an enviable position to be in!

But what worries me nonetheless is making the right choice (if he doesn’t get a place at our first choice grammar). Whilst it’s good to look at where his friends are going, I have to remember that he will no doubt make new friends regardless of where he goes.

I have to remember, I’m raising a black boy, so there are other issues that his white peers just won’t have face (or be aware of).

I have to remember that secondary school leaves the to be so much more independent.

I have to think about what will help him to be the best version of himself. It’s so hard!!

So, I have a question. Ofsted reports aside (I generally take them with a pinch of salt) what would/did you prioritise when choosing a high school for a child?

  • Academic results
  • Friends
  • Diversity of catchment
  • Sports and leisure facilities
  • Discipline
  • Breadth of curriculum
  • Travel opportunities (if money were no object of course!)
  • Something else?
  • Let me know!
  • x
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