Happy new year!

Ok, so I’m more than a week k to 2018, but thought I’d wish everyone a happy new year!

No new resolutions for me, I’ve come to the conclusion at this age that if I need to wait til January to fix something in my life, it probs my isn’t that important to me. Change it now or just learn to deal with it.

What I will continue to do is follow my mantra for 2017, ‘give it a go‘. Whilst I probably didn’t do anything eyepoppingly, jaw droppingly exciting, I did push myself to just try things.

  • Appearing on (another) tv quiz show appearance,
  • Joining and helping to set up a Women’s Institute branch
  • Axe throwing (don’t ask)
  • Training to run 5k πŸƒπŸΏβ€β™€οΈ

Its been fun and a good philosophy to embrace.

In fact, if I were to say I have a ‘resolution’, it would be to try and encourage my sons to embrace a similar approach to life.

Don’t worry about getting it wrong, worry about regretting not trying it. As long as you aren’t offending anyone or putting yourself and your future at risk, then go for it!

2018, team Mumsomnia is ready for you!


PS the WI Branch I’ve joined is BeeMoor. You can check them out here! https://beemoorwi.com/

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