Christmas traditionology. What do you do?

This week, I saw a tweet from someone questioning their partner’s plans for Christmas morning, with an air of shock, confusion and let’s be honest, disgust.

This got me thinking, how many people really discuss their Christmas traditions with a partner? I mean actually discuss, rather than reminisce and how do you then decide which ones to carry through when you have a family of your own?

It’s so easy to assume that everyone does christmas the same way, your perfect way, until you start sharing.

  • Christmas Eve bedtime – early or late
  • Wake up time – lazy lie in or early bird (literally to cook said bird)
  • Church – to go or not to go
  • Present opening – free for all as soon as you wake up or more structured throughout the day
  • Booze – Buck’s Fizz for breakfast or save it for lunch
  • Food – traditional turkey or something ‘a bit different’, or in our case a bit of everything!
  • Timing – always at a set time or just when it’s ready
  • Queens speech – yay or neigh

There are so many different ways to ‘do’ Christmas, but finding what’s right for your tribe is key. I do feel bad at times that we seem to have adopted more of my family’s traditions than the hubster’s, but after so many years together we have created our own Mumsomnian traditions. From a Christmas Eve meal out to a new book and chocolate treat before bed.

However you decide to do Christmas, as long as everyone in your (immediate) clan is happy, that’s all that matters.

So, as I head off to peel carrots after a couple of glasses of vino, I bid you a very merry Christmas.

I’d love to know what traditions you’ve held on to or created with your family!


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