Formula for a perfect (family) weekend….

I’ll be totally honest. This weekend was by no means perfect. I actually started writing this post a few weeks ago, but all the madness and sadness in the world made it feel a little inappropriate.

But it feels like now is a good time to share…

Slight exaggeration but as this weekend comes to an end I’m feeling content and satisfied that it’s been a good one. How do I know! Well my boys fell asleep fairly easily – they were knackered – and whilst I feel tired I don’t feel like I’ve wasted the last few days, which is often my state of mind come Sunday night.

So what did this weekend entail? I hear you ask. Nothing too out of the ordinary but all of the parts made for a great few days.

  1. Plans, but no planning – no I’m not confused. What was great this weekend was that even though there were a few things in the diary, we done how didn’t feel too rushed. We had just the right amount of activities to keep us busy, without feeling stressed. Plenty of rest and ‘hanging around’ time in between.
  2. Family time – we had a good few hours as a family on Saturday afternoon playing tennis. Boy1 had a friend over too, but it was great to be out in the sunshine, not clock watching, letting them burn some energy but also chatting and playing as a unit, rather than one part of the family feeling like they are just following the other around (e.g. Parents at kids’ parties or kids at supermarkets)
  3. Me time – Saturday evening I met up with a few of my WI pals and headed to our community cinema. We watched Cinema Paradiso – a lovely Italian film – and had a couple of glasses of wine. No kid chat.
  4. Sunshine – not always under my control but it makes a big difference. If the kids are bored I can just chuck them outside to run around, play with the bubble machine, make a den, whatever takes their fancy. Anything to get a dose of Vitamin D. I think they are much nicer to each other when they play outdoors too!
  5. Split chores – quite a biggy for lots of people. Not to say the hubster does no work at all, but I’m sure he’ll admit that I do the lion’s share. This weekend however we were able to get through a LOT of housework without feeling it had eaten up all of our free time.

My list might not sound like the perfect weekend. I’m sure you were expecting me to talk about pure self indulgence, wine, pampering, maybe some sunshine and definitely no kids. Yep, that would make a great weekend, but the list above 👆🏿makes a perfect combination for your standard family weekend.

Now, let’s see if we can keep it up!

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