Hit the lights!

I’ve already mentioned we are making a few changes to Mumsomnia Towers.

One thing the hubster was keen to sort out was the lighting in our hallway. I had never been too bothered about it as it didn’t scream offence.


Admittedly the lights might be a bit old-school and given that they are at the entrance to the house, they dont really reflect our style or personalities.

Remember – I’m not an interiors expert, so don’t expert advice or trends!

But then I read this post by fellow blogger, Antonia, about how lighting can transform a room. And it really made me think about the lighting we currently have and how, if we can’t do a full room transformation, a change of lighting might be the way forward.


We aren’t quite going full throttle with layers just yet, but have invested in this great modern take on a chandelier.


I love it because it hasn’t just transformed the entrance to our home, but it’s a perfect balance of both our tastes.

Hubster prefers very modern, angular and clean lines, whereas I’m more of a bling fan and love the glamour and opulence of a chandelier. This works perfectly for both of us!

We have a few other mini transformations planned, which I might share, but thought I’d just share that little touches like this can make a world of difference!


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