One year of words

So today is my ‘bloggerversary’!! A year ago I decided to air my thoughts and experiences of motherhood with the big wide world, well anyone who wanted to read about them.

Whilst I started it as a way to capture my first few months as a mother two, plus the rare opportunity to spend an entire summer with my boys, whilst keeping my writing skills up to scratch, I’ve realised how much I enjoy it.

I understand why people keep journals and diaries. It’s so liberating to put your thoughts into words, even if nobody wants to read them. Plus, it’s fun to read back. 

But what I’ve really enjoyed most is the feedback. I didn’t really make a big deal about my blog when it started (I still don’t), but I’ve had comments, likes, messages, friendly taps on shoulders and thumbs in the playground. Not just from parents in my own circle but from other parts of the world. 

So, thank you. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to check out my tiny section of the big wide web. 

Now I must try to get some sleep. Another day of motherhood awaits and I seem to have a new bed guest. #Mumsomnia 


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