Fashion & Freedom

Last night I had a rare hour to kill by myself after work, before another event. So I treated myself. 

I popped over to Manchester Art Gallery to check out their Fashion&Freedom exhibition. 

It covers the relationship between women and fashion since the First World War, with pieces from students and up and coming designers. 

Some really intriguing pieces. Just a shame it wasn’t bigger, but given the little time I had, it was perfect. 

I loved it. The exhibition and the free time, no kids, no companion, just me. I got to stare and read without being dragged away or asked a million questions. Then I snuck off for a quiet coffee. Bliss…

It reminded me of the importance of having time to yourself, no matter how short or what you do with it. 

Sticking to the fashion theme, the gallery is also showing Vogue 100: a Century of Style. 

I’ll definitely be returning one lunchtime. 

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