Not a baby anymore…

Boy 2 is nearly 15 months. His hair has grown over that time into a wispy Afro in need of some serious love. So today we decided to cut it. 

OMG. He looked so different! His face seemed so much more mature, so boyish. It’s strange how certain milestones hit you more than others, with so many different emotions. 

The first smiles and laughter melted my heart. Crawling and walking brought excitement. Hearing him attempt to sing ‘wind the bobbin up’ made me feel proud. But the haircut, chopping off a few centimetres of fluffy baby hair, made me feel sad. 

I realised I’m another step further away from babyhood. As much as I’m enjoying toddlerhood, I really do miss having a baby around, knowing we won’t ever experience that again….

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  1. What a cutie!!!


    1. Mumsomnia says:

      Thank you!!!


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