Another year older, trying to be wiser

It’s my birthday!! I’m another year older and hopefully a bit wiser.

Over the past year I’ve lost friends and family members to various incidents and causes. Some of these were complete surprises, really heartbreaking situations. Whilst we always say it when someone passes, this year has been the biggest reminder yet that life really is short.

So I’ve promised myself to try to remember that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. I’m not going to create an extravagant bucket list or hand in my notice tomorrow to join a circus, but I have a few things I just can’t forget to do:

  • Kiss my babies every night, even when they turn me down
  • Tell my husband I love him, even when he gets on my nerves
  • Say ‘yes’ more and think about why I’m saying ‘no’
  • Don’t procrastinate, but plan instead
  • Look after myself physically and spiritually

I’m sure this list could be more exiting and ambitious, but I want to be realistic. Even if I never get to visit the parts of the world I dreamed of as a child, I want to know I’ve set a strong foundation for my dearest and dearest.

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