Are Leap Day proposals still ‘a thing’?

Today is 29th February, aka Leap Day. When people born on the 29th of February finally get to have a birthday day and pretend they are a quarter of their real age.

It is also the day when, traditionally, women are allowed to propose to men. Yes, they are allowed. Just once every four years. In a world of equality, we still have to use that term of permission.

Don’t get me wrong, I know these days its more about the fun and nostalgia of the idea, but I do find it a bit toe-curling to see the number of proposal stories in the media on this day. Guess what, women do propose to me on other days of the year. And the men even say yes! What about women who want to propose other women? When are they ‘allowed’?

It just feels like it’s time to forget about this dated tradition altogether. Take the ethos or sentiment of leap day and put it to a different use.

Personally I’d like to see today as a free day. An extra day of the year to maybe try something new. We are giving our employers an extra day of work (I think), so why don’t we get something extra for ourselves?

Read a different newspaper, listen to a different radio station, give your kids something different for tea, or even give some of this extra time to a good cause. Anything. Let’s just try to bring it into the 21st century and leave to propose whenever they want.


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