Alcohol and children don’t mix! 

So last night hubby and I went out. Together! Boy1’s school was having a social night to raise money. 

A great night was had by all, me in particular especially because prosecco was only £12 per bottle. You can probably predict the rest of this sorry tale. 

Fast forward 6 hours and I’m in bed with both boys, hubby has left for a road trip (prearranged, he hasn’t abandoned me) and I’m wondering how I’ll get all three of us dressed, fed and out of the door for football and tennis.

I’d forgotten what it’s like to feel worse for wear with young children. One word HELL. Not only do you still have to get up and do stuff, you have to use the little energy you have to hide roughness. 

I have a feeling this afternoon will be all about cuddles on the sofa and movie time.

Note to self: next time book childcare for 24 hours 

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