Starting my transformation 

With just a week to go until I head back to the working world, I’ve decided to start sorting my appearance out. 

The weightloss hasn’t quite worked out as planned, so I’m feeling a bit self conscious about being back in the office, knowing I can’t live in jeans and baggy tops. I know that appearance isn’t everything and that I should focus on getting my kids sorted and doing my best at work, but I really do feel more positive and confident if I’m happy with what I’m wearing. 

On Sunday hubby and I hit Cheshire Oaks outlet village in Ellesmere Port. Not only did we get to spend the day picking up bargains, but we did it without children… How decadent! 

Just being able to browse through clothes AND try them on without squeezing a buggy into the changing room made me feel like ‘old me’. 
It’s not just how you look on the outside that can impact confidence, well-fitting underwear can make the difference. Our bodies change after having children so I’d always recommend getting yourself fitted for a new bra. It can completely change the way an outfit looks, usually for the better. 


Last but no means least, I invested in a decent lipstick and nail varnish. I’ve tried to keep wearing lipstick whilst I’ve been off, but it tends to wear off by the time I’ve left the school gates at 9. 

I’ve picked up a lovely colour from Bobbi Brown as their styles tend to last a bit longer. I think the saying goes “a bright lip diverts from a tired eye”. 


So that’s the easy bit done. Now it’s just the matter of getting Boy1 settled in with the childminder, Boy2 used to early wake ups,  and Hubby prepared for helping with housework again.
It won’t be easy but at least I’ll look fabulous whilst making it happen.


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