The return of soft play….

With a 7 year old son, I’ve spent a scary amount of time in soft play centres. Wet weekends, birthdays parties, any excuse to let them burn energy from running and rolling around a sweaty, sticky oversized plastic climbing frame.

Boy 1 is just coming out of he stage where every other birthday party is held a soft play. Just when I hoped I’d be free for a couple of years, they are back in my life. Sigh.

With Boy 2 now a fully fledged crawler, he needs plenty of safe space to explore and if I’m honest, I think he finds our living room rather restrictive. 

So off we went to Antz in Your Pantz in Timperley. I’ll write a full review when I get a chance, but it was a rather positive experience. 

Great to see him moving around with no restrictions, just the odd toddler climbing over him. But with a big brother at home, he’s robust enough to take them on. 

It did make me realise one thing though. The time to say goodbye to long mum & baby coffees or lunches might be closer than I hoped. 

Best make the most of them! 

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