Jada Pinkett-Smith “Take care of YOU first”

The headline of this post probably sounds really selfish and totally unrealistic for the average mother. When I first saw the headline of the clip circulating on social media, that was my take. “Of course a multi-millionaire actress can say she looks after herself first!”, was my initial thought.

When you listen to her, it will all make sense…

Quite a good time to be reminded of the importance of looking after yourself in order to make yourself a better mother – and partner.

So if you are one for making new year’s resolutions, don’t feel bad about trying to improve yourself. 

I’m definitely thinking about how I can be a better ‘me’ this year. It will be difficult to turn her words into actions, but I’ll certainly try.

As the old, rather cheesy saying goes, “happy mum means happy baby”. 


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