Holidays are coming!! 

  I usually avoid all things Christmassy until the 1st of December. I don’t know why, but it just feels wrong to be singing to Bublé and swigging mulled wine in November, no matter how many retailers try to tell us otherwise. 

But this year I decided to get into the Christmas spirit nice and early with a trip to the Manchester Christmas markets. Me, hubster, both boys and the in-laws. 

Boy 1 loved looking at all of the unique (aka random) gifts on sale and Boy 2 just enjoyed soaking up the atmosphere. Since I was little I’ve always loved going to see the giant Santa at the top of the town hall. I don’t know, it just makes me feel really excited about the festive season. 

But let’s be honest, most of us don’t visit the markets because we enjoy being pushed through crowds of people. We go for food and drinks. There’s just something strangely special about standing (or sitting if you’re lucky) in a cold bar, eating extortionately priced bratwurst whilst drinking hot Christmas punch which tastes like Vimto…


Well, now that the first trip is out of the way I think I’ll be back many times over the next few weeks. For the shopping of course 😉

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