Why everyone needs a mum squad

It’s 11pm. Hubby is asleep, kids are asleep. You’ve had a horrendous day but still worrying about the colour of your baby’s poo.You can’t text your non-mum friends as they’ll be asleep because they have work tomorrow, or at some swanky bar launch. Who do you call? Your mum-squad. 

Being a new mum can sometimes be quite a lonely experience, but having a gang you can turn to makes all the difference. 

If you don’t have a mum squad, I urge you to find or build one. Here’s why: 

1. You can tell them anything and I mean anything. You see, a well established mum squad has this amazing ability to be non-judgemental. For some reason you feel so comfortable with this group you’ve known for 5 minutes, you’re happy to discuss anything from teething to the state of your post-partem sex life (or lack thereof) and they’ll just listen, or laugh knowingly. But they won’t judge. 

2. Because they don’t judge they’ll always try to understand or help. Nothing beats having friends that have always got your back. Or wipes. It’s so good to have a friend that carries wipes

3. You don’t have to join a new class alone. Even if it’s just to do a free trial, it’s great to have someone to go with. They’ll probably try anything once. For some reason a pack mentality sets in when you have a mum-squad. If one person suggests trying something new and a bit random, there’ll be someone happy to tag along. 

4. As time moves on, they gradually let you become you again because you’re on this journey together.

5. You have an excuse to dress your babies up in silly novelty outfits at every opportunity. 

 I had a great NCT group first time around so was keen to join again with Boy 2 and once again I’ve been really lucky – they are great. But I’m aware NCT ain’t cheap and not always the path people want to take. If NCT isn’t for you, then get yourself on Netmums or check out your local groups. Be bold and ask people if they want to go for coffee or a park walk after a class. Believe me, if you’re thinking about it someone else will be too.

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